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Ablanica – Ravna river trail

The trail is 8 km. long and starting from Berovo, passing through the settlement Ablanica at 910m a.s.l. Continues to the place Kutunec 1004m a.s.l and the trail ends at Conar’s place at 1098 m a.s.l. at 2.5 km near the first Ravna River waterfalls. The trail connects Berovo and Pehchevo region, more precisely with […]

Berovo – Ablanica – Berovo trail

The trail is 7 km. long and starts from Berovo at 850m asl from the church Sv. Bogorodica, The trail continues along the river Bregalnica and leads to the settlement Ablanica. It is 120 m elevation gaining and the highest point in is 970 m a.s.l. The trail ends at Juovec at 900 m a.s.l […]

Berovo – Berovo lake trail

The trail is 6.5 km. long and starts from Berovo at 850m a.s.l. After 3 km of hiking you will pass through the weekend settlement Ablanica and the river Bregalnica. The highest point on the trail is 1050 m a.s.l. The trail passes through a pine and beech forest and ends at Berovo Lake at […]

Berovo – Ratevo trail

The trail is 5.5 km. long and starts from Berovo at 850 m a.s.l. First part of the trial pass by the church of St. Ilia, an important church for Berovo city with a tradition of organizing a church meal on the fest of Ilinden celebrity on 02 of August. The highest point of the […]

Berovo Lake – Dvorishte – Bela Voda trail

The trail is 20 km. long and starts from the confluence of the Klepalo River in the Berovo Lake at 950 m a.s.l. The first 7 km. is a climb, and after the first hour of hiking you reach Sheepfold Kalamadevski. The highest point on the trail is Babin Shukar at 1403 m a.s.l. where […]

Klepalo border – Sheepfold trail

The trail is 4.5 km long. and starts at Klepalo border crossing at 1300 m a.s.l. It is hiking along the border with Bulgaria and at its highest point at 1400 m a.s.l. you can see Pirin Mountain in Bulgaria as well as a beautiful landscape in Macedonia from pine, beech forest and numerous meadows. […]