Judas Meadows- a drossera plant

The “Judas Meadows” is 2 km northeast of Pehchevo, at the bottom of Bukovik (1723 m), and reach about 1100-1200 MASL. It features a unique flora on the territory of the Municipality of Pehchevo and beyond.Namely, on the peat bogs and wet meadows of this area develops the insectivorous mulberry plant (Droserarotundifolia), which is very rarely found on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, but also in the Balkans. The plant feeds with insects attracted by its light red color and eyelashes lined with drops of sweet and sticky substance. By feeding with insects, mullein replaces nitrates and other nutrients it cannot obtain from the soil.

The plant extracts show great anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic activity. Besides the mullein, there are significant plant communities present on the site with very limited distribution in other parts of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Judas Meadows is the only site in North Macedonia of the rare and relict hardy Pterostrichusapfelbecki that has a range of wetland habitats in Europe and part of Asia.The dragonflies are represented by several widespread species. There are several species of amphibians and reptiles.

Departing from Pehchevo, the pedestrian and bicycle trail leads to the site of Judas Meadows. From the city, the duration to reach the site is around hour and halfwhere you can see all the natural splendor in it.The Judas Meadows site is located only 3km from Pehchevo, reaching around 1.200 MASL, where the plant Drosera rotundifolia is founded.

The plant is fed by insects, which are attracted by the red color of the plant and the glowing drops of gelatinous liquid that it excretes. With its enzymes breaks down the sticky insects, using their nutrients. The vegetation period is from early June to early September and blooms in July.