Museum of Berovo city

Berovo is the place where you should start your journey. It is situated in a beautiful building in the very center of the city, reconstructed in the spirit of the original architecture from the end of the 19th century, for which the citizens are sentimentally tied with this museumdue to one of the recognizable elements of the city.

In this museum you can see documents and subjects that show the history of the Maleshevocitizens from the time of “grandfatherIljoMaleshevski”, “Dimitar Pop GeorgievBerovski”, “Razlovsko uprising”, the development of Maleshevia between the two World Wars and the development of Maleshevia after the Second World War. To enrich the content, there are also random findings of ancient and medieval coins, which speak of the economic development and trade relations of Maleshevia.

The ethnological part of the museum is consisted of reconstruction of the Maleshevo room, old traditional clothes caracteristic for this region, Maleshevo jewelry, pottery production, musical instruments and reconstruction of the Maleshevo blacksmith.