Berovo Lake

Berovo Lake is located 6 km south-east of City of Berovo. The concrete dam is built in 1971 which the valley of Ratevska River was partitioned and there the lake was created. The total length of the lake is 2,3 km long and 0,25 km wide. The total length of the lake shore is 8,3 km and the surface is 0,57 km².

The largest depth of the Berovo Lake is about 42 m and is located 200-300 m from the dam. Because of the relatively high altitude, the Berovo Lake and its surroundings are characterized by relatively cold summers and cold winters. The temperature in the summer ranges from 23 C° to 25 C° throughout the day, and overnight they drop to 12 C°.

During winter, temperature can be reduced to -20 ° C or even lower. In fact, in the very city of Berovo, the absolute lowest temperature was recorded at -31.5 С°. This climate makes the area a great place, especially in the summer time of the year. Due to the high concentration of oxygen, many visitors come not only to “recharge batteries” but also to rehabilitate.

The coast of the lake is abundant with lush pine trees and beech forest. The fields are lined with colorful flowers, berries and various teas.

Due to its favorable location, in the pure and untouched nature at 1000 MASL, more tourist facilities are built beside the lake. The lake provides sports fishing, and on the coast there is a restaurant, tourist bungalows and a children’s resort. Around the lake there are many houses for rent, beautiful terrain for picnics, recreation and sports. Recently, the lake was visited by group of foreign tourists.In Berovo and Maleshevo many traditional medicines are made from natural ingredients for various diseases such as pine syrup or honey, which is used for respiratory diseases.