The archaeological site “St. Petka”

The archaeological site “St. Petka “Is located 4 km northeast of Pehcevo, in the area called” St. Petka”, which the locals citizens know as” Monastery “.

It is an old-Christian church with dimensions of 7×13 m, which is built of stone and lime, includes also accompanying objects in function of the monastery economy. The walls of the old Christian basilica testify to the life of the nuns. According to local legends, it was an imposing complex with a bell tower whose sound was heard even in Berovo and Tsarevo Selo (Delcevo).

In 2000, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian Orthodox Church provided funds for partial conservation of the building. Recently, an asphalt road has been built to this locality.

Due to the excellent location and the height at which it is located (1.045 MASL), you will have an admirable view of Malesh to the south and the Pijanec to the north side of the region.