Kukulje near the village of Nov Istevnik is a unique relief occurrence on the slopes of the low mountain Bejaz Tepe, between Delchevo and Pehchevo. This destination is reachable through the regional road Delchevo-Berovo, near the village of Delchevo, Nov Istevnik where you need to take the exit and continue through tinny asphalt road to get to the village. Than you need to continue hiking 1.5 km south and reach 880 m altitude to get to the view point of this nature sights, an erosive section about 60 meters deep, with characteristic forms of stone dolls along the sides. Here, for about 200 m in length, you can see about 50 thin pyramids of up to 15 m created. Some of them are completely separate and resemble human figures – petrified dolls.

There are a number of legends, stories and beliefs about the creation of the puppet, which most often say that they are stoning weddings that have done dishonest work. However, science indicates that the dolls are a natural phenomenon, caused by centuries of erosion of crumbling sedimentary rocks, leaving only the hardest parts left.

The earliest and oldest pyramids, located closer to the valley floor of the Istevnik Potok, have already been formed. Above them are younger pyramids, still connected by sedimentary ridges, which together form complex shapes that resemble castles and domes. Thus, the process moves up the slopes, which means that pyramid creation is active today. Otherwise, the construction of the earth pyramids in Kukulje is closely linked to the destruction of natural vegetation as well as the deep incision of the Istevnik stream into the powerful sedimentary layers. Kukulja is a very interesting relief phenomenon, second in importance to this species in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The locals are proud and admired of the puppets, and in the last few years they have atracted numerous visitors from our country and beyond.

Because of the variety of shapes, dimensions, color, surrounding thick forest and the fresh air, anyone who visits Kukulje remains astounded and wishes to come again.

In 2008 the site is landscaped and fenced for security reasons. A number of sightseeing and hiking trails have been made so you can enjoy the puppetry, photograph and observe the hundreds of years old puppets. At the same time, you can relax on the set wooden benches.

Tourist Attractions: Unique appearance of stone dolls (earth pyramids), large natural section – excellent looking mill, dense forest, rich flora and fauna.