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Berovo Lake

Berovo Lake is located 6 km south-east of City of Berovo. The concrete dam is built in 1971 which the valley of Ratevska River was partitioned and there the lake was created. The total length of the lake is 2,3 km long and 0,25 km wide. The total length of the lake shore is 8,3 […]


Muri is a nature area from which is consist of mixed coniferous and deciduous trees: fir (Albies Alba), beech (Fagus Moesiaca), white pine (Pinus silvestris) and spruce (Picea Excelsa). This locality covers an area of 10 hectares and is located in Maleshevski mountains. The most common species is fir. The eastern area that can be […]

Melovi – Parkach

Melovs are very interesting geomorphological forms, especially present in the Maleshevo area. They feature a distinctive amphitheatrical appearance that narrows to the base so that they resemble a cut funnel.Observing the melovs can draw our attention to their sides. They are usually horizontally layered, built of unstable sedimentary rocks (sands, sandstones, clays). That’s why the […]

Pehchevski Waterfalls

Pehchevski Waterfalls are located about 10 km southeast of Pehchevo, in the upper, spring part of the Bregalnica River. The river passes deeply through Mount Vlaina in the north and Maleshevo Mountains in the south, so that in some places it has a canyonlike appearance.In this place, 5 larger waterfalls and numerous cascades of Bregalnica […]

Chengino Fortress

The ChenginoFortress (or the Fortress) of the Maleshevo Mountains, on the border with Bulgaria, is the easternmost part of the Republic of Macedonia. The height of the peak is 1,752 m. The boundary line of this area, 12 m in length passes through a small natural lake. The lake is of meridian direction, 40 m […]

Judas Meadows- a drossera plant

The “Judas Meadows” is 2 km northeast of Pehchevo, at the bottom of Bukovik (1723 m), and reach about 1100-1200 MASL. It features a unique flora on the territory of the Municipality of Pehchevo and beyond.Namely, on the peat bogs and wet meadows of this area develops the insectivorous mulberry plant (Droserarotundifolia), which is very […]


Kukulje near the village of Nov Istevnik is a unique relief occurrence on the slopes of the low mountain Bejaz Tepe, between Delchevo and Pehchevo. This destination is reachable through the regional road Delchevo-Berovo, near the village of Delchevo, Nov Istevnik where you need to take the exit and continue through tinny asphalt road to […]

Kadiica Peak

The Vlaina Mountain belongs to the group of mid-high mountains. It stretches along the border with Bulgaria, on its north side by the Black Skala overpass, which is border with the Osogovo Mountains. To the southeast, in a distance of 40 km, there are peaks such as Ostrets, Kitka, Obel and Kadiica. The mountain slopes […]

Traditional eco food producers

Honney The bees breeders in Maleshevo give the best honey types- mountain honey and meadow honey. Honey can also be added in numerous food dishes such as nuts, almonds, hazelnuts etc. However the most demanded products from honey are ruminant and propolis, which are used in the treatment of various diseases. Interesting fact is also […]

The monastery “St. Archangel Michael”

The monastery “St. Archangel Michael “is the first monastery church in Berovo that was built between 1815 and 1818. It is located at the exit of Berovo, on the road leading to the dam and the lake. The church with a large porch, built in the 19th century architectural opus, dominates the monastery yard. Inside, […]