Chengino Fortress

The ChenginoFortress (or the Fortress) of the Maleshevo Mountains, on the border with Bulgaria, is the easternmost part of the Republic of Macedonia. The height of the peak is 1,752 m. The boundary line of this area, 12 m in length passes through a small natural lake. The lake is of meridian direction, 40 m in length, 310 m2 in area and 0,7 m deep. In fact, it is the only lake that crosses the Macedonian-Bulgarian border. So, if taken in detail, the easternmost point in the Republic of Macedonia is for 95 m east of the peak ChenginoFortress

The lakes inCenginoFortress are two small periodic lakes, at an altitude of 1670 to 1750 m, almost on the border with Bulgaria. The largest of them is the lake to the top, 38 m long, 10 m wide and with a maximum depth of 0,8 m. The length of the coastline of this lake is 88 m, and the lake surface during the maximum level reaches 300 m2. The smaller lake is 1 km north and has a nearly circular shape with a diameter of 17 m. The length of the coastline is 59 m, and its maximum depth is about 0,5 mand to the east of this peak lies an area of 15.365 m2 of our country. These lakes have water by atmospheric rainfall and snowmelt. That is why the lakes exist from April to September. From a biological point of view, they are considered ombrotrophic peat bogs, which receive all water and nutrients from the atmosphere. They are the only ones known in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Tourist attractiveness: specific appearance and location, rich biodiversity.

Potential types of tourism: hiking, nature observing.

Note: These are rare natural lakes and care should be taken not to endanger them.