Kadiica Peak

The Vlaina Mountain belongs to the group of mid-high mountains. It stretches along the border with Bulgaria, on its north side by the Black Skala overpass, which is border with the Osogovo Mountains. To the southeast, in a distance of 40 km, there are peaks such as Ostrets, Kitka, Obel and Kadiica.

The mountain slopes are steep, especially on the west side, over 1,200 m high. The highest peak is Kadiica, at 1,932 m, and at its pedestal there is the spring of Pehchevo River. Peaks are rounded, poorly expressed and bare. However, they have a wide view of the Maleshevo-Pijanec valley to the west, the Osogovo Mountains to the north, and the spectacular view of the Rila and Pirin Mountains, as well as the Blagoevgrad Valley to the east in Bulgaria.

Because of the beautiful scenery, Kadiica is a frequent route for hikers and nature lovers. The lower parts are abundant with forests, and the higher ones are covered with low vegetation and mountain pastures, as well as various medicinal herbs and wild berries (berries, mushrooms, etc.).