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The monastery “St. Archangel Michael”

The monastery “St. Archangel Michael “is the first monastery church in Berovo that was built between 1815 and 1818. It is located at the exit of Berovo, on the road leading to the dam and the lake. The church with a large porch, built in the 19th century architectural opus, dominates the monastery yard. Inside, […]

St. Bogorodica church

The Church of the St. Bogorodicais located on the periphery of Berovo city. The church was built in 1972-1975, in the style of the Byzantine-Macedonian churches of the Middle Ages. At that place, there was a church from the distant past, during the baptism of the Macedonian Slavs who lived in the Bregalnica-Ablanica gorge, and […]

Museum of Berovo city

Berovo is the place where you should start your journey. It is situated in a beautiful building in the very center of the city, reconstructed in the spirit of the original architecture from the end of the 19th century, for which the citizens are sentimentally tied with this museumdue to one of the recognizable elements […]

The archaeological site “St. Petka”

The archaeological site “St. Petka “Is located 4 km northeast of Pehcevo, in the area called” St. Petka”, which the locals citizens know as” Monastery “. It is an old-Christian church with dimensions of 7×13 m, which is built of stone and lime, includes also accompanying objects in function of the monastery economy. The walls […]

Mountain Peak “Petlec” – cemetery of Dame Gruev

The site Petlet is 12 km far away fromBerovo and 7 km away from the villageRusinovo. At this place, in the heart of the Malesh Mountains, in 1906, the Macedonian revolutionary,visionary and insurgent leader for independent Macedonia Dame Gruev was killed. In his honor every year, the week before December 23rd, the day of his […]


Women from Maleshevia, as the guardians of the tradition, still gladly process goat wool and sheep wool and create clothes and embroidery, rugs, towels, etc.


Filz is a modern technique, but in Maleshevia it has long been known for making “calchies” (shins and vests for comets).


The importance of the blacksmith has been immense over the centuries. Without its handicrafts such as tools for housekeeping, gardening, animal husbandry, and even making weapons, it would not be possible to imagine people’s everyday lives. In Berovo, workshops of this craft are still alive and following the centuries-old ways of making, they create quality […]

Manufacturer of boilers and barrels

Macedonia, as a country of wine, is in great need of the craft of wine, and fewer people are involved in this craft. Making a barrel is a hardworking job that depend the quality of the wine. The highest quality barrels are produced from French Oak or Cherry.

Copper master

The past without the copper utensils for household use could not be imagined. Their craftsmanship was a long process that required the master to have a lot of knowledge and skills. This craft in Berovo still defies time and its products as representative examples are served in restaurants and inns, and are also present as […]