Location of Berovo city

In the eastern part of North Macedonia, at the altitude of 670 to 1050 meters, there is the Malesevo valleу on the pedestal of Maleshevo mountain. The highest peak is Kadiica with 1932MASL (meter above sea level). The municipality of Berovo borders in south with the municipalities of Novo Selo, Bosilovo and Vasilevo, west with Radovis and Vinica, north with Delchevo and Pehchevo, and to the east borders with the Republic of Bulgaria and the municipalities of Strumjani and Sandanski.

The relief is predominantly hilly and mountainous. The terrain around the riverBregalnicais flat, as well as the highlands across the Maleshevo Mountains.

What we offer to our visitors, is accommodation in an authentic house, traditional kitchen with many local specialties prepared from eco-products and products of organic origin, adventure: hiking, cycling along mountain trails, hunting and fishing, a grill by the lake, a meal with a three-century tradition, thematic tourism-walks and a visit to celebrities related to the common, cultural and historical heritage, activities for team-building programs, as well as all the conditions required for everything minaret tourism.