Pehchevski Waterfalls

Pehchevski Waterfalls are located about 10 km southeast of Pehchevo, in the upper, spring part of the Bregalnica River. The river passes deeply through Mount Vlaina in the north and Maleshevo Mountains in the south, so that in some places it has a canyonlike appearance.In this place, 5 larger waterfalls and numerous cascades of Bregalnica and its tributaries were created, where pure and cold water joyfully conveyed the word about the beauties of Maleshevo.The waterfalls are reached by the local asphalt road from Pehchevo to the tourist settlement of RavnaReka. Following the valley, the first is the Spikovski Waterfall on the Spikovska River, the right tributary of the Bregalnica. The 8 m high waterfall leads to a well-maintained 500 m long hiking trail, with mounted gazebos and rest benches. Then follows the Crndolski waterfall on the tributary of the same name of Bregalnica, about 5 m high. The marked hiking trail that leads to this waterfall is about 400 m long, with many gazebos and resting places for visitors and is quite suitable for hiking.

Skokoto is the third waterfall located on the river Bregalnica immediately after the merging of Sutachka and Zhtachka River. The waterfall is about 7 m high and has a large amount of water. The marked hiking trail with a length of about 1500 m leads to the waterfalls. The waterfall of the Jutachka River is the fourth in a row, at a height of about 10 m. Along the way there are benches for rest. The fifth and last larger waterfall is the ‘Zhtachki Waterfall’ of the same stream, which is the highest with its 14 m. The waterfalls are accessible, marked with good signals and info boards. The whole space is very good landscaped, in a beautiful mountainous area with dense forests and fresh air.

The waterfalls in the source part of Bregalnica, also called Pehchevski Waterfalls, are located 10 km southeast of Pehchevo, within the same municipality. The Bregalnica River is deeply intersected between the Vlaina Mountain to the north and the Maleshevo Mountains to the south. In some places the valley sides are so steep that they resemble a small canyon.

There are 7 waterfalls in the beautiful, dense pine and beech forest. Only two of these waterfalls are actually in Bregalnica, and the rest are on its tributaries CrnDol, Zhtachka River and SpikovskiAndak. The waterfalls are located in the Valavichka River area, as people from Pehchevocall it Bregalnica. Although, their attractiveness has not been known for a long time, they are now available to nature lovers and tourists alike.