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The largest number of pathologists, historians and other researchers link up the name Maleshevo with the personal name that existed and on the basis of which the city got this name. According to the old peoples, the name Maleshevo is of Illyrian origin and comes from the words Mal – mountain and Maleshi–mountain area. Some […]


At the altitude of 800 m, there is a calm continental climate that, in some areas, has been modified and transformed into mountain-continental climate, and it is characterized by cold winters and fresh summers. Berovo is the city with the highest concentration of oxygen in the Balkans. The average annual temperature in the municipality is […]

Location of Berovo city

In the eastern part of North Macedonia, at the altitude of 670 to 1050 meters, there is the Malesevo valleу on the pedestal of Maleshevo mountain. The highest peak is Kadiica with 1932MASL (meter above sea level). The municipality of Berovo borders in south with the municipalities of Novo Selo, Bosilovo and Vasilevo, west with […]